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An Alfred Taubman Health Care Center | a alfred taubman health care center |

 An Alfred Taubman Health Care Center | a alfred taubman health care center | 

An Alfred Taubman Health Care Center  a alfred taubman health care center  

An Alfred Taubman Health Care Center

The Alfred Taubman Wellbeing Care Center could be a state-of-the-art therapeutic office found in Ann Arbor Michigan. As portion of the College of Michigan Wellbeing Framework the Taubman Center offers comprehensive wellbeing care administrations and endeavors to set the standard for patient-centered care instruction and investigate.


The Taubman Center to begin with opened its entryways in 1986 and has since gotten to be one of the chief wellbeing care goals in Michigan. The office was made conceivable by a liberal $30 million gift from business visionary and donor Alfred Taubman.

The center includes 510000 square feet over eight floors. It houses a wide extend of specialized clinics exam rooms method rooms and testing offices. Patients can get care for cancer heart infection neurological disarranges and numerous other conditions.

Some key features of the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center include:

       State-of-the-art imaging equipment including MRI, CT, and PET scanners

       Operating rooms outfitted with the latest technology

       Spacious infusion rooms for chemotherapy and other treatments

       Soothing interior designs and abundant natural lighting

       Convenient pharmacy and laboratory services

In addition to clinical spaces, the Taubman Center contains conference rooms, classrooms, and offices for over 2,000 faculty and staff members. It serves as an important teaching and training site for University of Michigan health sciences students.

Medical Services Offered at the Taubman Center

The Alfred Taubman Wellbeing Care Center brings together masters from all areas to supply facilitated, patient-focused care. Patients can get to a endless cluster of restorative administrations beneath one roof, counting:

Cancer Care

The Rogel Cancer Center at the Taubman Center offers cutting-edge medications for all sorts of cancer and kind tumors. Patients have get to to progressed treatments like immunotherapy and proton pillar radiation. The center too gives hereditary counseling, nourishment administrations, social work bolster, and more. Clinical trials permit patients to get to the most recent exploratory medicines.

Cardiovascular Care

The Cardiovascular Center at Taubman provides complete cardiovascular care, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention services. Some of the specialized offerings include advanced heart failure treatment, complex aortic disease repair, and minimally invasive valve procedures. Patients also benefit from cardio-oncology services to manage heart issues during and after cancer treatment.


The Taubman Center houses the comprehensive Neurosciences Hospital and clinics for conditions affecting the brain, spine, nerves, and muscles. Physicians expertly treat brain tumors, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and more. The center offers innovative treatments often unavailable elsewhere, such as deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease.

Women’s Health

The von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital within the Taubman Center provides advanced care for women across all life stages. Services include gynecologic surgery, urogynecology, reproductive endocrinology, menopause management, and more. High-risk pregnancy experts offer cutting-edge fetal diagnosis and treatment. The Birth Center offers a comfortable birthing experience with tubs, beds, and sensory-adjustable rooms.

Other Specialties

In addition to the specialized centers above, the Taubman Health Care Center houses clinics for digestive health, kidney disease, orthopedics, pulmonology, dermatology, plastic surgery, physical medicine and rehab, and many other specialties. Patients can undergo a variety of diagnostic tests, outpatient procedures, and comprehensive exams.

Collaboration Between Specialists Under One Roof

One of the key benefits of the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center is the ability for specialists from different areas to seamlessly collaborate on patient care. With experts from many fields on-site, patients can conveniently obtain comprehensive, coordinated care.

For example, a cancer patient may need to see an oncologist, cardiologist, nutritionist, psychologist, and physical therapist during treatment. At the Taubman Center, all these providers can collaborate closely to provide integrated care in one location. This multidisciplinary approach often leads to better outcomes for complex conditions.

Regular case conferences allow doctors from various specialties to consult with one another on the best strategies for shared patients. Providers work together to optimize treatment plans rather than working in isolation. This interdisciplinary teamwork enables a higher level of personalized care.

Premium Patient Experience

In addition to clinical excellence, the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center places a strong emphasis on delivering a welcoming, supportive, and stress-free environment for patients. Care teams recognize that the overall experience can impact healing.

Patient navigators help guide patients through complex hospital visits and lengthy treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Nurse teams regularly check in on patients to explain processes, answer questions, and monitor comfort levels.

The soothing interior design also promotes a calming environment to aid in the healing process. Natural lighting, art, and tranquil colors create an uplifting backdrop for care. Spacious treatment rooms allow family members to accompany patients during procedures.

Support services like counseling, therapy, and wellness programs further enhance the patient experience. The Taubman Center received the prestigious Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for achieving high patient satisfaction scores.

Ongoing Facility Expansions

To accommodate its growing services, the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center has completed several major facility expansions since first opening in 1986. Adding space and upgraded equipment ensures the center remains state-of-the-art.

In 2006, a significant 400,000 square foot expansion added over 100 exam rooms, a larger emergency department, and increased capacity for outpatient surgery. A 9-story, 159 bed tower for the children's and women's hospitals opened in 2011.

Most recently in 2017, a new adult hospital tower opened, bringing the total bed count to 600. The $920 million project took 5 years and increased emergency, surgical, imaging, and laboratory services. Ongoing renovations continue improving patient areas.

These expansions allow the Taubman Center to serve more patients with its signature cutting-edge care. The enlargements also give researchers more room to conduct critical studies to advance medicine.

Alfred Taubman Health Care Center Amenities

The Alfred Taubman Health Care Center offers a variety of amenities and services to deliver the best possible experience for patients and visitors:

       Valet parking: Patients and visitors can take advantage of convenient valet parking at the main entrance of the center.

       Mardigian Wellness Resource Center: This space provides health education resources, stress management tools, and holistic therapies like massage.

       MedSport: Physical and occupational therapy specialists help patients recover from injury, surgery, and illness at this on-site gym.

       Cancer resource center: Patients undergoing cancer treatment can access resources like counseling, financial guidance, and wellness classes in a relaxing setting.

       Webber Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center: This center provides reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery consultations in a comfortable, spa-like space.

       Business center: Visitors can take care of work needs at the business center with computers, printers, internet access, and conference rooms.

       ATM: For added convenience, there is an ATM located near the inside entrance to the Taubman Center.

Leading-Edge Medical Education at Taubman

In addition to delivering exceptional patient care, the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center serves as an important training ground for the next generation of health care providers. Medical students, residents, and fellows from across University of Michigan programs complete rotations and training on-site.

Rotations often incorporate hands-on learning in operating rooms, clinics, and other facilities.

Various lecture halls and conference rooms host educational sessions for University of Michigan trainees as well as practicing health professionals attending continuing education. The center provides training in the use of simulation technology and standardized patients to hone clinical skills without risk to actual patients.

Cutting-edge facilities like the Taubman Center allow health sciences educators to teach the latest techniques and best practices. The availability of specialized clinics and expert faculty make it an ideal environment for developing the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other providers.

Groundbreaking Research at the Taubman Center

In expansion to clinical administrations, the Alfred Taubman Wellbeing Care Center encourages impactful wellbeinginquire aboutovernumerousareas. Doctors and researchers have get to to state-of-the-art gear to conduct thinks about that lead to imperativetherapeutic breakthroughs.

A fewcases of imaginativeinvestigate taking put at the Taubman Center incorporate:

       Cancer immunotherapy trials to test using the body’s immune system to attack cancer

       Genetics studies to identify hereditary risks and personalized medicine approaches

       Research to improve treatments for cardiovascular, neurologic, and many other conditions

       Clinical trials to evaluate emerging interventional procedures, devices, and pharmaceuticals

       Population health studies to understand health trends and disparities

       Research to advance telemedicine and digital health technologies

The Taubman Center’s laboratories provide researchers with high-tech tools like gene sequencing, proteomics platforms, and flow cytometry. The facility also offers extensive research support services like biostatistics, ethics review, and community outreach.

Additionally, the Taubman Medical Research Institute funds promising research and helps translate discoveries into practical solutions for patients. Support from philanthropists like Alfred Taubman allows critical research to move forward.

Alfred Taubman’s Philanthropy and Legacy

The Alfred Taubman Health Care Center owes its existence to the generous philanthropic support of real estate developer Alfred Taubman. His visionary $30 million gift in the 1980s made the specialized medical center possible.

Alfred Taubman was born in 1924 in Pontiac, Michigan. After serving in World War II, Taubman built a fortune as a spearheading shopping shopping center designer. He driven the development of major retail chains like J.C. Penney and Saks Fifth Road.

In his afterward a long time, Taubman got to be a eminent humanitarian. He given over $141 million to College of Michigan to set up centers, residencies, grants and more. The A. Alfred Taubman Therapeutic Inquire about Organized too propels promising biomedical investigate.

Taubman’s gifts reflect his appreciation for health care and research. In naming the medical center after Taubman, the University of Michigan pays tribute to his profound impact.

Today, the Alfred Taubman Health Care Center remains a testament to Taubman’s vision. The facility has continued to evolve and expand since opening in 1986. Generations of patients have benefited from expert medical care within its walls. Many promising physicians and researchers also got their start at the Taubman Center.

Alfred Taubman passed away in 2015 at the age of 91. However, his mark on the University of Michigan health system continues through the ongoing innovation and patient care at the prestigious Taubman Center. Taubman’s support made the health care center possible and allows it to remain on the leading edge of medicine today.


The Alfred Taubman Health Care Center serves as one of the University of Michigan’s most important hubs for patient care, medical education, and research. Thanks to Alfred Taubman’s transformational philanthropy, the center has room to grow and continue advancing its mission.

Patients from Michigan and beyond can access top specialists in fields like cancer, neurology, cardiology, and women’s health. The Taubman Center moreover empowers clinicians and analysts to form breakthrough revelations that move forward persistent results.

After over 35 a long time of operation, the Alfred Taubman Wellbeing Care Center remains one of the beat goals for therapeutic care within the Midwest. Its center on brilliance in quiet care, preparing, and investigate reflects Alfred Taubman's motivating bequest of liberality and vision. The center will proceed setting the standard in these crucial regions for eras to come.



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