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health steal up swgoh (2023)

health steal up swgoh (2023)

 Health Steal Up in SWGoH: A Potent Buff for Long-Lasting Battles


In "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" (SWGoH), users build a team of well-known Star Wars heroes and engage in tactical turn-based combat to fully immerse themselves in the galaxy far, far away. Each character has special skills that can change the course of a battle. One such power is "Health Steal Up," a potent enhancement that can tip the balance in drawn-out battles. We shall examine the idea of Health Steal Up, its mechanics, and its importance in the gameplay of SWGoH in this essay.

How does Health Steal Up work?

Characters can receive the advantageous perk known as Health Steal Up when engaged in combat. A portion of the damage the character deals to enemies can be taken by this boost to replenish the character's health. In essence, a percentage of the damage that a character with Health Steal Up deals with their strikes is transformed into health, essentially repairing the character during the battle.

*Health Steal Up Mechanisms*

Health Steal Up's mechanics might change depending on the character's skills, equipment, mods, and other elements. Typically, the percentage of Health Steal Up is stated, with values ranging from 5% to 100%. While under the influence of Health Steal Up, a character who deals damage to an enemy gains health equal to the stated percentage of the damage dealt.

For instance, if a character deals 10,000 damage with an attack while having 25% Health Steal Up, they would receive 2,500 health points. This increase in health can be especially helpful during protracted confrontations where sustainability and survivability are essential.

Characters who Steal Health Include:

Several characters in SWGoH have special abilities that bestow the Health Steal Up bonus on them or their allies. Health Steal Up may come standard with some characters, but it may also need to be unlocked through special mods or by upgrading particular skills. The list of characters with Health Steal Up may keep expanding as the game creators frequently release new characters and upgrades.

Characters known for their capacity for Health Steal Up include:

1. Darth Vader: The Dark Lord of the Sith's special ability, "Inspiring Through Fear," grants him Health Steal Up and increases his battle survival.

2. Kylo Ren (Unmasked): Kylo Ren, the wounded spirit of the First Order, has the special skill "Frenzied Rage," which grants him Health Steal Up and enables him to repair himself after every strike.

3. Asajj Ventress: The Nightsister warrior Asajj Ventress gains the advantages of Health Steal Up with her special ability "Rampage," boosting her offensive capability while engaging in combat for a longer period of time.

Significant Gameplay Elements

A very useful boon is Health Steal Up, especially in game modes like Raids, Territory Wars, and Grand Arena Championships where fights last for a while. The ability to survive and recover during protracted battles can mean the difference between success and failure.

Teams comprised of players that have Health Steal Up can be particularly strong in a variety of game modes. These characters' efficacy and resiliency are increased when they are paired with healers or other supporting characters.


For characters in SWGoH involved in protracted conflicts, the Health Steal Up boost offers the opportunity to heal themselves by syphoning a portion of the damage they cause. In high-stakes game variants where endurance and sustainability are crucial, this buff is a game-changer. Players looking for an advantage in the strategic environment of SWGoH continue to find Health Steal Up to be a valuable and sought-after skill as the game develops with new character additions and improvements.

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